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1-Tim Ruiz
1-Steve Temple
1-Keenan Thompson
1-David Fatum
1-Joe Paladenic
1-Chris Crawford
1-Sam Colgan
1-Regan Anderson
2-Todd Rosengarten
2-JD Graham
2-Paul Ambrose
2-Klaus Ramsey
2-Scott Poppenberger
3-Lance Ujifusa
3-Kenneth Basham
3-Alan Firetto
4-Nick Kay
4-Scott Little
4-T J Romano
4-Gary Bennett
5-Scott Crawford
5-Scott Long
6-Marcus Wadley
6-Dan Byrd
L1 -Tracy Reinhart
L1 -Emily Nelsen
L1 -Miriam Altman
L1 -Laura Dearness
L1 -Lisa Hendrick
L1 -Paige McGinnis
L1 -Shannon Ruiz
L1 -Ronda Blauvelt
L1 -Cheryl Hibbert
L1 -Sherri McKinstray
L1 -Denise McGinnis
L1 -Krisee Eckert
L1 -Kaycee Ryan
L1 -Kathy Ujifusa
L2 -Kelly Bennett
L2 -Manon Long
L2 -Roxanna Rogers
L2 -Kimberly Larsen
L2 -Elise Wilson
L2 -Cristina Beloud
L2 -Megan Bennett
L2 -Melissa Ambrose
L3 -Kathleen Callander
L3 -Kim Temple
L3 -Paige Bowe
L3 -Ann Pihl
L3 -Amy Rogers Boterman
L3 -Jamie Lowe
L3 -Lisa Kay
L3 -Linda Crawford
L4 -Samantha Erdmann
L4 -Darcey Norick
L4 -Rachel Harrison
L4 -Deanna Poppenberger
L4 -Sharon Little
L4 -Dawn Morris
L4 -Faye Leerssen
L4 -Kristen Barnes
L6 -Natalie Johnson
L6 -Diane Holmes-Purcelli
L6 -Kenda Lenseigne
S1 -Mike Eastwood
S1 -Don Donka
S1 -Dan Tice
S1 -Jerry Bedal
S1 -Jim Anderson
S1 -Bob Hoffsetz
S1 -Jerry Kurtz
S2 -Ken Senft
S2 -Don Maggiore
S3 -Ron Jakola
S3 -Raymond Crandell
S3 -Calvin Knox
S4 -Bob Thomson
S4 -Larry Murphy
S4 -Patrick Morris
S5 -Tom Lattimore
S5 -Bob Giacolone
S5 -Doug Rogers
S6 -Jim Rodgers
SL1 -Tamara Helmkay
SL1 -Kathy Kentera
SL1 -Kathy Ramsey
SL2 -Neoma Robichaud
SL2 -Kat Hoffsetz
SL2 -Gretchen Walters
SL2 -Debbie Erlinger
SL4 -Lily Rodgers
SL4 -Cathy Hendrick
SL4 -Denise Darr
SL5 -Susan Turner
SL5 -Diana Olson


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(Times are MST)

FRIDAY September 21st
Rifle Stage 1, Shotgun Stage 1
Eliminator Stage 1, Eliminator Stage 2

SATURDAY September 22nd
9:00am Stages 1 3
Showcase 30 minutes after Stage 3
Rifle - stage 2, Shotgun - Stage 2 then
Eliminator - Top Ten Finals

9:00 am Stages 4 6
Awards (30 minutes after last shot)